Thank you for joining us at the 13th Australian Peptide Conference, which was held at the Oaks Resort, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia, from the 8th to 13th September 2019.

The theme of the meeting was “Peptides - Turning the Tide”. The conference organising committee assembled an exciting scientific program containing a mix of peptide synthesis and discovery, engineering, characterisation, structure-based drug design, therapeutics development and technological advances in the field.

We look forward to seeing you in Surfers Paradise for the 14th Australian Peptide Conference, 17 – 22 Oct 2021!

Johan Rosengren and Richard Payne
Co-chairs, Australian Peptide Conference 2021

Mibel Aguilar Monash University, Australia
Paul Alewood University of Queensland, Australia
Bobby Arora New York University, USA
Dame Margaret Brimble University of Auckland, NZ
Florence Brunel Novo Nordisk, USA
Greg Challis University of Warwick, UK
Norelle Daly James Cook University, Australia
Ben Davis University of Oxford, UK
Phil Dawson The Scripps Research Institute, USA
Ethan Goddard Borger WEHI, Australia
Christian Hackenberger FMP, Germany
Harald Janovjak EMBL Australia/Monash University, Australia
Yasuhiro Kajihara Osaka University, Japan
Amy Keating Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Glenn King The University of Queensland, Australia
Xiaoguang Lei Peking University, China
Yan-Mei Li Tsinghua University, China
Norman Metanis Hebrew University, Israel
Les Miranda Amgen, USA
Gottfried Otting ANU, Australia
Bradley Pentelute Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Kevin Pfleger University of Western Australia, Australia
Bhavesh Premdjee Novo Nordisk, Denmark
Andrea Robinson Monash University, Australia
Martin Schmeing McGill University, Canada
Joel Schneider National Cancer Institute, USA
Patrick Sexton Monash University, Australia
Craig Smith Deakin University, Australia
Ved Srivastava Intarcia Therapeutics, USA
Martin Stone Monash University, Australia
Meritxell Teixido IRB, Spain
David Thal Monash University, Australia
Nieng Yan Princeton University, USA
Qi Zhang Fudan University, China


Topics"Peptides - Turning the Tide"

Advances in peptide synthesis
Bioactive peptides and cell signaling
Cell membrane interactions and bioavailability
Cell penetrating peptides
Chemical biology
Cyclic peptides
Drug delivery
Drug discovery and development
GPCRs and structure-based drug design

Imaging and analytical techniques
Industry, regulation and commercialisation
Peptide and protein engineering
Peptide vaccines
Peptides and peptidomimetic drugs
Peptides in immunology
Structure function studies and new targets

Port Douglas
Located in far North Queensland, Port Douglas is a 67km scenic coastal drive north from Cairns. It’s known for its beach resorts, relaxed atmosphere and as a base for visits to both the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef system, and Daintree National Park, home to biodiverse rainforest. In town, Macrossan Street is lined with boutique shops and restaurants. Curving south is popular Four Mile Beach. Port Douglas was No. 3 on Australian Traveller magazine’s list of 100 Best Towns In Australia.

The Oaks Resort is a spectacular resort located on the way into Port Douglas boasting fabulous conference facilities and fresh rooms.

Satellite Meetings

5-7 September 2019

Pullman Sea Temple Resort,

Palm Cove

8 September 2019

Oaks Resort, Port Douglas