Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed

What are the steps involved in uploading my abstract?

The first step in uploading your abstract is to record your personal details on your own ‘dashboard’. (You will be asked to complete an online application from detailing your email address, workplace, position, address, contact number and various other details.)

If you have already completed it for your registration or another ASN event, you will not have to repeat this, just login to your ‘dashboard’ using your existing login information.​

Once your profile has been created, you will have the option to ‘register’ or submit an ‘abstract’ for the meeting. Once you have selected your preference, please follow the prompts to complete your abstract submission.​

Presentation Types

Abstracts can be submitted for an oral presentation, poster presentation or both oral and poster. There is a possibility of submitters nominating for an oral presentation but receiving a poster presentation.

Abstract Categories

Abstracts can be submitted to the following categories:

  • Advances in peptide synthesis
  • Bioactive peptides and cell signaling
  • Cell membrane interactions and bioavailability
  • Cell penetrating peptides
  • Chemical biology
  • Cyclic peptides
  • Drug delivery
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Glycopeptides
  • GPCRs and structure-based drug design
  • Imaging and analytical techniques
  • Industry, regulation and commercialisation
  • Nanotechnology
  • Neuropeptides
  • Peptide and protein engineering
  • Peptide vaccines
  • Peptides and peptidomimetic drugs
  • Peptides in immunology
  • Structure function studies and new targets
  • Transcriptomics/Proteomics​

You can cut and paste your abstract in several simple steps from MS Word into your submissions. Each submission is limited to 300 words, not including the heading and authorship details.

When you've finished the submission you will receive a confirmation email with your Abstract Submission Reference Number. You can view or edit your abstract by returning to your dashboard.

If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact ASN Events.

Am I able to make changes to my submission after it has been finalised?

Changes can be made to your abstract until the scoring process begins. Just return to your Conference Dashboard and select the Edit option under Abstracts. The edit option will no longer appear once scoring has commenced.

When will I find out my result?

Notification of programming decisions will come from the secretariat shortly after the expiry of deadlines and the working program will be posted to the web site. It will also appear on your own ‘dashboard’. The notification will include specific presentation instructions but in the interim, those preparing posters should note the maximum size allowed is 100cm wide by 120cm deep. Velcro will be available to fix the poster to the boards. Computer data projection is the preferred presentation method for orals.

Will my abstract be published online?

A couple of weeks before the meeting, the final program will be published to this web page and will be accessible to delegates on the conference 'app'.

The benefits of this system are many but include:

  • Allowing you to preview your abstract and make modifications to your satisfaction.
  • Ensuring you know your lodgement is completed as you will receive an immediate email confirmation.
  • Ensuring accurate indexing of all authors in the abstract book.
  • Ensuring consistent presentation of all abstracts in the proceedings (overarching formatting is imposed).