Omics Revolution



"The Omics Revolution: Beyond Genomics"

The Oaks Resort, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
Sunday 8th September, 2019

This one-day satellite will focus on the key role that proteomic and other omics technologies will play in the development of personalised/precision medicine. The meeting will be held immediately prior to the 13th Australian Peptide Conference ( Previous successful meetings in this series were held in conjunction with the 2013 APC meeting in Penang, the 2015 meeting in Kingscliff, and the 2017 meeting in Noosa. HUPO 2019 ( will be held in Adelaide the following week (15th – 18th September 2019). Registration for this one-day satellite is complimentary if you register for the 13th Australian Peptide Conference. Simply select the Proteomics Satellite "Omics Revolution" from the add-on section. If you wish to register for this one-day satellite only, please select the registration type ‘Proteomics Satellite "Omics Revolution" Only’, which incurs a charge of $175.